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Sydney, Australia

As artists, Lauren and Kassandra Hernandez loom intricate tapestries that are driven from there past and present experiences. They eloquently step away from the screens to use their hands, and allowing them to practice mindfulness through their craft.

Vancouver, Canada

Farron Hicks and Krista Lowe are two friends with a passion for connecting like-minded wimmin.  The Wimmin Collective's mission is to bring working wimmin together to build solid relationships and connect on a deeper level.

Essex, Vermont

Marta Sulocka is a self-taught textile and pattern designer who works from a small studio in Essex, Vermont. She was born and raised in Poland but moved to the US more seven years ago after meeting her husband. Marta packed 24 years of my life into three suitcases and flew across the ocean.

Los Angeles, California

Katelyn Roybal, an artist based in Los Angeles, California, is blessed with the privilege of working with a multitude of artistic mediums daily. Roybal says, “before anything can be designed digitally, it must first be dreamed up on paper.” Thus, let the doors of creativity open because this is where Roybal and her expertise steps in.