Brooklyn, NY

I’ve been looking for something to accompany my hot summer days. Luckily, NUDO produces traditionally hand woven hammocks and swings with a modern aesthetic. Now you can laze in the summer sun in style for the remainder of August.

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How has traditional Salvadoran designs and weaving techniques inspired your work?

At NUDO, our distinctive products combine traditional methods with modern concepts. Our rich roots lie in these unique Salvadoran design, skills and weaving techniques that have been passed down through our Founder’s generations. With NUDO, we preserve these vital practices as they are in danger of becoming extinct, due to industrial mass production. Our brand greatly values sustaining creativity.

Your hammocks and swings are made of cotton yarn manufactured in San Salvador, El Salvador. How has this set your products apart from other companies and what makes cotton yarn from San Salvador so different?

The string we use for all of our cotton products is made in a factory in El Salvador’s capital, San Salvador.  For our cotton hammocks, we were looking for a material that would accentuate the handwoven techniques which are used in making our hammocks. The company that processes the cotton material uses antique machinery to achieve a perfectly imperfect, ‘wabi sabi’ if you will, final product.  We have also toured their facilities and are confident in their safe and fair labor practices, which produces a happy energy which we believe is embedded into our hammocks. Please see photos of the factory attached.

Tell us more about your studio space.

We do it all at our studio space. We are located in Bushwick, Brooklyn and are immersed in an artistic neighborhood, full of creatives, inventors and small businesses. It is a great free-flowing layout and it’s openness is very inviting. Our sales operations are facilitated here as well as aspects of production. All inventory is housed and assembled here as well. We even have a studio mascot, our Founder’s puppy named Earl. He definitely brings lively energy!

What's next for NUDO?

Since our company’s participation in the Shoppe Object show, we have discovered new brands and companies to work with. With the debut of our new collection coming, which includes new colors, patterns, and rod designs, we will be debuting the collection with retailers. We also look to explore new products that still reflect the Salvadoran weaving techniques and modern fixtures + stands to successfully hang our products. We want to explore different collaborative projects with different brands and companies that inspire us. There are some markets we would like to participate in the Spring/Summer. NUDO is looking ahead this year!


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photos by: NUDO