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Katelyn Roybal, an artist based in Los Angeles, California, is blessed with the privilege of working with a multitude of artistic mediums daily. Roybal says, “before anything can be designed digitally, it must first be dreamed up on paper.” Thus, let the doors of creativity open because this is where Roybal and her expertise steps in.


What was the distinct moment for you that lead you to Paper Plum?

PaperPlum began in my mind 6 months before I finally quit my corporate job.  I'd always been inherently creative but didn't stumble across a new creative passion until I began to work in the marketing and branding world.  While there, I taught myself the ins and outs of every design program and became absolutely fascinated with the intense complexity of these programs.  I began to dream up what sort of brand and design I would do for myself if given the opportunity.  In December of 2014, I created it for myself by talking the leap into entrepreneurship.


I understand you recently rebranded. What prompted this and why was it important for you to do so?

I originally started as CanvasCreative and I wanted to have a business name that indicated in the title what my business was all about.  I felt that CanvasCreative could have been a company that dealt with any sort of creative field and I wanted something that spoke to Paper.  While the word "paper" is obvious, I wanted to describe the type of Paper products I was offering.  "Plum" while a fruit, is also defined as something "worth having" or "desirable".


Walk readers through your design process and how you make every item so unique. What tools do you use the most and cannot live without?

From concept to creation, every project is completely different from another.  I work very closely with my brides to learn about their story, their relationship and what brought them to taking this huge step in their lives toward marriage.  Hours of phone calls, hundreds of emails are spent to really capture the vision of every client.  Each one is crafted to perfection.  I cannot live without Photoshop.  It is my go-to design tool over all others.  It's a second language to me.


Tell us about one of your favorites projects. Why was it so significant to you? What are the emerging trends in design now?

One of my favorite projects was one I just shipped out to the client last week.  I had worked with this bride and groom for over a year - creating an invitation suite that would match their wedding aesthetic.  It was so fun to work with them over such a lengthy period and to see how much had changed from initial design concept to the finished product.  Their project, and many others I've worked on recently, incorporated an element of vellum and wax sealing.  Everyone loves those!



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