Hashtag Workmode

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hashtag Workmode is an all-female coworking space that focuses on creating connections between women who work in digital and the creative industry. By renting a desk at workmode, all women get access to a strong community base with over 100 boss babes. Hashtag Workmode started with a smaller space in the city center of Amsterdam and today has grown into three locations (two in Amsterdam and one in Rotterdam).

We have noticed that women often underestimate themselves and don’t realize that they are in fact quite strong. The only thing you need is the right mindset and a positive environment. Hashtag Workmode is filled with women who have successfully built their careers, but there are also numerous women who are still building their brand. One thing we always notice is how helpful everyone is at the office. Whether someone needs help with their strategy or is in the need for financial advice, there is always someone at the office who knows a lot about a certain subject and is happy to help. 

At the office we'll provide anything you need for a kick-ass day of work: Yummy coffee, fresh organic tea, healthy coconut water and ultra fast wi-fi. If you're in the mood to chill you can always enter our chill zone which is filled with fluffy Moroccan pillows. 



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Photos by: Hashtag Workmode

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That Scandinavian Feeling