Oslo, Norway

Theory of place asked Hege Barnholt and Bjørn Johan Stenersen to take us inside their home and workspace. The interior stylist and the graphic designer (respectively) manage their succsefful blog (2athome) from a little corner in Oslo, Norway. They aspire to share creative moments from their lives as they pull inspiration from nature and the changing seasons around them.

We believe it's important to have a room with personality - a place to breath after a hectic day - that can help us become calm and creative. This, combined with having nature within an arm's reach, is why we spend so much of our time at our cabin way up in the mountains.

Our style is clean, simple, and Scandinavian. A lot of consideration goes into choosing materials and ensuring we have adequate lighting. To achieve a slow but meaningful lifestyle, one should incorporate material such as wood, rock, and ceramic. Find your own style in things that provide you with a sense of calm - preferably things with which you have a personal history with and that reflect your long lasting values.

We believe that homes should increasingly be made into joint spaces for the whole family and inspired by the different needs and personalities of family members.



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Photos by: 2athome

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