Home and Abroad

Houston, Texas

Justine Morris lives in Houston Texas with her husband, three daughters, and their beloved pooch (Coco). She is currently a stay-at-home Mom who loves interior design and rearranging her house. She started home_and_abroad on Instagram as a way of sharing her photography with loved ones back home in Australia.


Describe yourself and your aesthetic. How did you design your home and why did you make the choices you made?

I love older houses and all their quirks. I take great joy in bringing them back to life and in making them livable. Iā€™m a neutral girl at heart and love white walls, big windows, and lots of greenery. Old homes tend to be dark and our current home was very gloomy when we first moved in. For this reason, I decided to paint everything white. It makes the rooms seem so much bigger.  One of the other things we did was add a wall of glass doors in the family room. I love that indoor and outdoor lifestyle we have in Australia and wanted to recreate that here.

What do you love about your home the most and why?

There are many things I love about our house but what makes it a home is the people who live here. I believe your home should tell a story of who you are and be a collection of things that you love. My husband and I both love to read, so our bookcases are bursting and you will find books scattered on nearly every surface.  We also love art and like to collect one of a kind pieces.



photos by: Justine Morris

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