Li-Chi Pan

If you’re looking for a relaxed sense of workspace, Li-Chi Pan is the girl to follow. You will often find her floating from her bed sheets to her desktop. There are no rules to where her creative work happens. 

Li-Chi Pan is a content editor for leading luxury media agency, MAXMEDIALAB. She’s created a beautiful brand for herself through her work as a stylist and photographer for her own instagram, @lichipan.



Do you draw inspiration from your roots in South Africa and current your home in Australia?

Having grown up in South Africa I started Instagram as a way to share photos through a creative medium and to stay in touch with friends and family overseas. My roots have heavily influenced me. Having lived and travelled abroad for the last six years I always try to draw inspiration from my hometown as well as new places that I visit.


Tell us about your journey in starting your Instagram page and being recognized by Elle as their December instacrush. What advise would you give our readers?

I started instagram 2 years ago and used it as a way to keep in touch with my best friends who were living overseas at the time. I decided I wanted to 'theme' my instagram page with a white aesthetic. To my surprise, people actually started to follow me! I still remember when I hit my first one thousand followers and how excited I was! I truly believe that if you work hard and are passionate about anything you will be recognized overtime.

It was also a huge honor to be named Elle South Africa's instacrush. I've been a huge fan of Elle since I was in my teens and it all felt like a dream!


What is your favorite and most prized professional experience and how did it happen?

Being sent on my first travel experience where all expenses were taken care of to New Zealand via Flight Centre. I had just hit 40,000 followers and a blogger had dropped out of the trip. They messaged my management to ask if I was free to fly in 4 days! It was the most exciting moment of my life.

My most prized professional experience though was being flown to work with the Tourism of Dubai for a week. I got to meet some of my favorite photographers and was able to really challenge myself in producing beautiful travel imagery for both my Instagram and blog in 13 days.


What is your theory behind creating a creative workspace?

Keeping it clutter free! A clear space equates to a clear mind.



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*all photography by Li-Chi Pan


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