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Theory of Place is excited to highlight Elise Heslop as more than just the usual entrepreneur, she is the founder this generation's bigger and better IKEA. PlyRoom is a company that boast beautiful furniture that's easy to assemble and made to fit every home. Since its launch, PlyRoom has been Featured in prominent magazines such as Australian House & Garden, Adore, and InStyle.

You are an Australian company dedicated to a simple way of living. What advice would you give readers who want to create this in their workspace?

Simplified workspaces are extremely productive - as there are fewer distractions. Aside from clearing your desk and only having items on there that you are using, two of my favorites are: Noisli - a great app for calming ambient noise when you need to get down to work; Greenery - an indoor plant such as Peace Lily or Chrysanthemum creates a calming space but can also purifying the air of harmful toxins.


Plyroom embraces modern minimalism. What are the top three things you look for when curating collections of furniture and accessories that are perfect for small spaces?

(1) Do they do what they need to do? There's no point having beautiful items that don't serve a purpose, especially in a small space.

(2) Is there a flexible element to the product or design? Consider buying a wool or felt cushion that has linen linings so which can be great throughout the year. Another example is a cot that turns into a desk, minimizing waste and maximizing its life as your needs change.

(3) Is it thoughtfully made? Are our manufacturing processes adding to the problem or are we being responsible in the processes, materials and finishes that we choose? 


How has your everyday life inspired Plyroom?

As someone who made the (some might say crazy) choice to put my career on hold and take a sabbatical in Northern Italy I loved the benefits of simplified living and I believe in helping others discover the value of conscious consumption and small footprint living. I have a passion for the slow and simple. Good food (always!), understated design and down-time. I believe in treading lightly on this earth and my quest is to make life simpler both personally and through Plyroom.

I am consistently looking to improve our business to reflect our values of sustainability, flexibility and quality craftsmanship, collaborating and working closely with designers and makers across the globe in both product design and development.


Can you share with us 5 items from your online store that you would recommend for the creative individual's workspace? 

  1. Tavola Dining Table/Desk. It's the perfect size for a desk and a small dining table. I love that there is inherent flexibility in this product.
  2. A4 Drawers. I do like a set of drawers and the A4 is a great size for having a printer on top while keeping bits and pieces neat inside.
  3. Big Nest Storage Cabinet. Office cabinets are practical beasts but a lot of them are pretty ugly. We created the Big Nest because it's perfect for storing folders and magazines and it makes a great credenza when nested and hung low. The added feature is that the doors can also be taken off if you have things you want to show off.
  4. 'Hug Me' Print by Hilde Mork. This print is instantly calming. 
  5. Alchemy 'Australia' Candle.  Scent is such an important sense and it can really help with productivity and creativity and feeling good about what you are doing. I feel like I'm in the bush with this candle!




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*all photography by Elise Heslop*

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