Spring's Around the Corner, Now What?

Meteorologically speaking, spring starts on March 1. While most of us are wrapped in layers of wool and polyester, the rest of the world can enjoy the sweet sun shining on naked skin (or not). 

Here, the cold creeps up like that proposal deadline you've been putting off, and whether you wanted it or not, it catches you. 

In preparation for the season's change, dress your tech like that cute outfit you wore to work the other day. Theory of Place has teamed up with the Sydney-based designer and illustrator, Michelle Bae (@baewithme_) to bring you your monthly desktop wallpaper. Download it for free today!


About the designer:

Born in Seoul, raised and based in Sydney, Michelle Bae is a Designer, Illustrator, Creative and the Writer behind the blog, Bae with Me. Michelle’s work reflects her creative journey through her love for photography, pattern, line and simplicity. (blog / instagram)



download: click on the highlighted link below, drag or save the image to your desktop

note: all copyright of these images are retained by the artist

Desktop wallpaper

Tablet wallpaper

Phone wallpaper