Jose Russchen

Groningen, Netherlands

José Russchen shares her workspace in Groningen, Netherlands where she lives with her boyfriend, Tim, and their two cats, Felix and Dex. 

What do you consider your official line of creative work?



I'm a marketer at an educational publisher and I spend most of my time creating brochures and events to promote our books. This gives me the opportunity to be creative at work. Besides that, I have a big (!!) passion for interiors, styling, and photography. My workspace gives me a lot of energy when I'm styling - I take pictures of my space so that I can share it on Instagram. The interior of our home changes a lot, mostly because I am always changing out the accessories. I would love to put more time into this creative aspect of styling and photography - maybe someday on a professional level. I've been dreaming about it a lot.


What do you draw vision from when it comes to creating an inspiring environment for you?

I love to look at pretty things, so I surround myself as much as possible with things that make me happy. These can be personal belongings with special memories or items that I found. I care more about the design and feel of accessories; it’s not about the brand. I look to Instagram, Pinterest, interior magazines, and blogs for inspiration. I always try to give it my own spin, so it suits our home and our personalities.


What does your workspace say about you?

When you look at my workspace, you can tell that I love funny or inspiring quotes and graphic prints. I also love mint and a touch of wood texture. I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian design and colors as well.


What can you not live without on your desk?

At the moment, that would be washitape. I love prints and I have collected a lot of nice postcards and posters. With washitape I can easily put them up and change them around. I recently placed a pinboard of underlayment on my desk, where I also can display a lot of inspiring prints. I like the pattern of the wood.


What can people expect when visiting your workspace?

My desk is always playful and a bit more outspoken. You can find all sorts of things at my workspace for DIY or other creative things.


What is your theory of place as far as creative workspace?

It’s important for your environment to feel at ease. I believe that when you feel at home and you are surrounded with things you love, you will easily get inspired to be creative.


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