Emma Harris

Emma Harris is a lifestyle blogger, photographer, stylist and maker from Brighton, UK. She has a serious love for interiors, fashion, flowers, art, photography and her two lovely girls -- Elvia and Dottie (says her gorgeous blog). Her current workspace is a room in her home but it’s evolved into the ideal blogger’s environment. 

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I need flowers around me always, whether that be in a workspace or just our home in general, without them the space feels soulless. They inspire my blog and photography, and I rarely style a shot without them.  Light is also very important and calm, with 2 young children I need a place that I can concentrate and focus.

My workspace probably tells people that I am tidy, although when I am shooting, it usually descends into chaos, as behind the camera, props, unused bits of furniture, leaves, branches, all collect into one big messy pile!  It also tells people that I love nature, my cupboard is full of dried flowers, pine cones, feathers, an assortment of gathered items from the previous few months, until I find something to replace them as the seasons change. I am obsessed with scissors and strings; I have an ever-growing collection of them.

I don't use the desk in the traditional sense, it tends to be a faithful backdrop for photographs, and hence it’s usually pretty clear in preparation.  So the thing I cannot live without is in fact not on my desk, rather it is my mood board that sits beside my desk. It usually consists of images and items that I am currently drawing inspiration from. At the moment, the board is covered with the colors of spring.

The one thing people always notice is the light, it falls beautifully across the desk from the sash windows. Depending on when my friends visit, my space can either be extremely calm or extremely chaotic!

My theory of place is to create a space that suits you, a place where you feel comfortable, happy and inspired.




Emma Harris

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