Anna Marie Kornum

As a student, Anna Marie Kornum covets her workspace. She spends a lot of time in her Denmark office, tackling the difficult demands that come with a midwifery education. Her childhood home is a big inspiration for her design senseability. It's always been warm and cozy, especially the workspace. So embracing a neat and inspiring desk is a must!

words from Anna Marie Kornum

My work environment has to be inviting, otherwise, I’d just take my work or studies elsewhere in the house. The most important thing to Anna is good lighting, and by good lighting I, mean warm-tones. This is also why a photo of my daughter is on the wall -- being able to look at her is a good motivation to make the extra effort.

My workspace tells people that I love Danish design; it is simple and functional. The chair is from one of my favorite Danish designer, Hans Jørgen Wegner; I'm obsessed with his work. My workspace is pretty minimalistic and I like to be organized. This is not always the case in other aspects of my life, but it is neat and tidy here. I absolutely can’t live without three things: light, my desktop, and my special pen. It sits perfectly in my hand and it’s the only one I use. 

Visitors can expect peace and calmness. I often light candles in the room so that it feels cozy. My husband and I often sit here in the evenings, and work on our projects separately. With a comfortable atmosphere, it feels a little we are spending quality time together. Also we have a daybed in the Office, so one of us will often be sitting or lying here while working. 



photos by:

Anna Marie Kornum