Marthe is a person without limitations and labels – she is an individual that thrives with a routine, and says yes before thinking. Marthe is a blogger, librarian, freelance journalist, wedding planner, stylist, and a dreamer. 


I spend a lot of time in my home, so it is important that I have a special place where I can write and work on freelance assignments without being interrupted. I don’t sit at my kitchen table anymore, not as much as I used to. At the same time I don´t want to be too far away from my family -- the noise in the house when my girls run, laugh, and sing and the kisses from my husband. My workspace is located in the center of our home, with three doors to close if I need silence. I surround myself with color and details, but my desk has to be bright white and have a vibrant overview feel -- I need space to think, without too many distractions. My workspace is quite small at the moment, but I have plans to expand. We live on a farm and we have a large barn, which remains unused. My dream is to paint it all white, put in large windows, a long office desk (spanning several meters), and a coffee station. A dream that must come true one day!

My workspace says that I'm a girl who likes a mixture of old and new, classic design and vintage finds. My office consist of a desk I found in our basement, a lamp that is of old Norwegian design, a classic Eames chair, and a combination of other large and small things I need in my workspace. The assortment of items tells people that I am a girl of both traditions and new thoughts.

 I cannot love without a good chair and lots of notebooks. I´m addicted to notebooks. I also cant live without my laptop and music, of course. I think music is the perfect way to create an inspiring workspace mood.

 People can expect a big cup of coffee, a conversation that can go on for hours, and music playing in the background when they visit me in my office. There is a sofa on the other side of the room, and the best feeling is when my friends stay on that sofa for hours and really find themselves at ease in my home.

If you surround yourself with what you need, a lot of natural light to keep you sharp and awake, a chair you can sit on for hours, music that inspires you and enough coffee to last all day, you have a perfect workspace.






Thinking Space: San Francisco

Catherine Grace