Marioly Vazquez


Monterrey, Mexico

What do you consider your official line of creative work?

I’m a photographer and stylist, specializing in still life, interiors and lifestyle. I work with different clients creating campaigns, photographing and styling their products for their social media, online shops, marketing materials and more.


What inspires your environment?

As a photographer what I seek the most is beautiful lighting, I love having a large window near my workspace. Also inspiring books is a very important thing to me, it helps distract me and gets me off my computer once in a while. It’s amazing all the inspiration that can be found offline. I seek bringing nature indoors -- plants and other beautiful flowers complete my space.


What does your workspace say about you?

That I love to be surrounded by happy colors and that I’m so passionate about photography and design.


What can you not live without on your desk?

COLORS! I love having different colors and notebooks around my desk. I love to doodle and draw out my ideas and next projects in my notebooks. It is easier for me to bring my ideas to life once they are written down on paper, helping me clear my head. I love capturing different moments in life that have a special meaning to me, so having them around my desk helps remind me that life is beautiful and plentiful.


What can people expect when visiting your workspace?

They can expect to become intrigued by all the things I love to hang in my walls. I usually change the pictures and images depending on my mood or season but it represents what I’m inspired by at the moment.


What is your theory of place as far as creative workspace?

Surround yourself with things that make you happy and inspire you, constantly renew yourself and your ideas, and always bring a bit of nature to your workspace.


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