Melanie Abrantes

Oakland, California

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something I absolutely love and stand by. I finally got around to finishing up Melanie’s post and editing her interview. Her studio is the perfect place to draw inspiration from so enjoy this short read on a wonderful Sunday.

What do you consider your official line of creative work?

I am a designer and maker of cork and wood goods for the home. Although, I also have been teaching spoon-carving classes on the side. I am actually on tour on the west coast at the moment and am going from LA to Canada to teach classes!  



What do you draw vision from when it comes to creating an inspiring environment for you?

I try to imagine a very clean and simple space. Although my desk can be filled with messy papers and notebooks, depending on what I will be working on. I love pops of color and try to keep creative books at hand’s reach for instant inspiration. I have to be practical with my space though because it is so small. I try to designate different stations for different tasks; my desk is mostly for my computer work, I also have a sanding station when I am finishing products, and a packing station for when I am packing things up for stores. 


What does your workspace say about you?

I think it’s a personal representation of my aesthetic. I like things very simple - using mostly natural materials. I built almost everything I have in my studio or have gotten them through thrifying over the years. I really like to have a unique variety of objects surrounding me – it keeps me visually interested.

What can you not live without on your desk?

My post-it notes and felt pens. I have a slight le pen obsession. 


What can people expect when visiting your workspace?

They can expect to see a lot of bright light; greenery and a ton of saw dust. My studio is split between my office and wood shop, we built a wall to separate the two (and reduce sawdust!) but sometimes you can’t help those things. I also make cork planters that I test and use for optimum greenery, which are placed all over my studio.


What is your theory of place as far as creative workspace?

My theory of space is to make a workspace that works for you and your needs. I also try to add more plants and natural elements to keeping the space fresh and relaxing.


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photo by: melanie abrantes

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