Monique Therese

While Monique spends the bulk of her time as a social worker in Norway, she has a sincere love for interiors, styling, photography, typography, scrapbooking, and card making. From moving furniture for a still-life photo to styling, she has a knack for creating the perfect workspace and beautiful home. Oh... and her Instagram page is pretty much on point!

words from MONIQUE THERESe

I love how the mind works during the creative process, both the peace and the creative rush. And I also love the feeling you get when you get to enjoy the "product". I find creative projects both calming and energizing, and I think my workspace kind of reflects that. I love to have something beautiful and interesting to rest my eyes on, and at the same time I need things to be organized and in place. The creative chaos is mostly in my head, and not on my desk. A workspace that is well organized is a good way to start the creative process, as it gives me the opportunity to start with a "clean slate".

The kinds of things I use during my creative process depends on what I am doing. While scrapbooking I use a lot of alcohol-ink, pencils, stamps and different types of paper. I also love my camera and macbook. While styling I just use whatever`s in my home. I also love to listen to music while I`m working. Hmmm... I guess the answer to the question on what I can not live without on my desk will be Music, a huge cup of coffee, and the absence of others.  

I often try to create a feeling with my projects, for example by creating an interesting still-life in my home that surprises with little details, different textures and so on. While scrapbooking I always try to make the projects filled with little details, so that the recepient can be surprised and find a new object/detail every time they look at it. 

 As a mother of two kids under 4 years, and with a full-time job I need to have some "me-time", and I find that in the creative process. I believe that all of us needs that little space in our everyday life to create, to re-energize and to relax, in order to be the best mother, friend, co-worker, and lover we can be. 




photos by monique therese | norway