the desk of: hashtag workmode

Hashtag Workmode is an all-female coworking space that focuses on creating connections between women who work in digital and the creative industry. By renting a desk at workmode, all women get access to a strong community base with over 100 boss babes. Hashtag Workmode started with a smaller space in the city center of Amsterdam and today has grown into three locations (two in Amsterdam and one in Rotterdam.

the desk of: That Scandinavian Feeling

Ingrid Opstad is a freelance graphic designer and a social media manager. Her career started in Leeds where she completed her Master in graphic design and moved to London where she worked as an internship at a music venue designing their promotional materials - posters, flyers etc. Her career took her to another live event company where she spent the next 4 years learning about film premieres, sporting events, and event planning. 

the desk of: 2athome

Theory of place asked Hege Barnholt and Bjørn Johan Stenersen to take us inside their home and workspace. The interior stylist and the graphic designer (respectively) manage their succsefful blog (2athome) from a little corner in Oslo, Norway. They aspire to share creative moments from their lives as they pull inspiration from nature and the changing seasons around them.

the desk of: Wayfarer Design Studio

Abbey Estep, the creative mind behind Wayfarer Design Studio, grew up in the mountains of West Virginia where she basked in long and slow days. She grew up in a town where one could take comfort in the familiarity of community. The rural landscape gave rise to­­ small and unique businesses. As a response, Abbey saw the potential to help these business create brands they could be proud of.

the desk of: indego africa

Indego Africa was founded in 2007 with a simple idea: empower women artisans in Africa by showcasing their beautiful craft and investing in the power of education. We team up with groups of women in Rwanda and Ghana to sell products that are designed in NYC and handmade in Africa—combining traditional techniques, local materials and genuine artisanal skill—all with a creative voice of playfulness, an appreciation of color, and a desire to bring beauty into the world while uplifting communities at the same time. 

the desk of: WEND

The co-founders of WEND Studio developed their home furnishing brand with three things in mind: transparency, people and place, and global citizenship. They offer the highest level of social and environmental commitment, without sacrificing aesthetics. With backgrounds rooted in painting, art history, international business and architecture, Genevieve Bandrowski and Michelle Plante are the perfect design duo. 

Dining Spaces that double as your workspace

Sprawling out in your own kitchen table gives way to a much more productive environment than your cramped dark cubicle you call your office. Flexibility has been a perk most professionals look for when making the decision to accept a job offer or not. Here are 5 benefits to skipping the morning commute and opting out for your dining room table.